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Elevate your lounge game!

AETHER is a contemporary fashion brand born out of the need for practical garments for the contemporary woman which they can use in multiple activities inside and outside their home with freedom and absolute confidence. 

Est. December 2015

Upon graduating from the Savannah College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Marketing & Management, I moved to New York City to do internships and work at a trend forecasting agency. I was always aware of current and future consumer needs due to my job, and it was then that I realized that we would be working more from home in the near future.

AETHER Loungewear is born from my experience working as a freelancer, in many occasions from home, having the need to wear versatile garments that made me feel comfortable while at home and confident in order to go out, if necessary.

Upon returning to my native country, Honduras, and after doing a market research, I decided to cater to a need in the local market.

-Ana Mercedes Figueroa



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Comfort is Key

The use of soft fabrics and impeccable manufacturing allow the AETHER dreamers to feel comfortable without sacrificing style.

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Our main goal is to produce garments that can be worn any season of the year. Our garments are season-less, we do not wish to follow trends, thus adapting to each woman’s personal style for the different stages of their lives. You make the rules!

Limited Production

AETHER Loungewear is the first company in its category in Honduras to strive for conscious and ethical design. We produce limited quantities of each style to maintain exclusivity and avoid unnecessary consumerism in our society—each season, our core collection gets updated.


Made in Honduras

Its entire production is carried out in Honduras, in factories that support and promote ethical work for women in their facilities.

Cutting Fabric